The new MacBook Air Apple has been presented only a few days ago, but it is quickly finished on the bench of the team of iFixit, that through classic teardown complete has evaluated the level of repairability.

Let’s start from the score: the final result is 4 out of 10 points, a minimum improvement with respect to the voting of 3/10 obtained from the previous generation last November 2018. The changes made by Apple have, however, met the guys at iFixit, especially in relation to the presence of a keyboard with scissors – the same as on the MacBook Pro by 16″ – that is to replace the much more problematic with the mechanism of the butterfly.

Yes, they are! These “Magic” or switch to scissors, they have been so far much more reliable a variant of the butterfly. In this case, there is no need of a barrier in silicone.

More improvements include:

  • the new configuration of the cables between the logic board and the trackpad that simplifies the replacement of the latter and also of the battery;
  • improved access to other components modulated as a fan, speakers, and ports

Easy, even in this case, the general opening-up of the Macbook. Again criticized, and finally, the choice of the choice of the welding RAM and the SSD on the motherboard. For more information, and an analysis even more detailed, please see the link in the SOURCE.