Apple is reportedly considering a delay of a few months as the launch of the new generation of iPhone, say sources anonymous to the Nikkei. The leadership of the giant of Cupertino would have already held several meetings to assess what can be done and understand how to proceed, but at the time a final decision was not yet taken.

The main problems would be two – of course, both due to the pandemic in the course: one of nature most practical, the other economic/social.

  • Suppliers – Foxconn has said in the past few days to be ready to handle peak seasonal production, but, as I have already noted, on that occasion, only one link of the huge chain of suppliers of Apple. Yesterday we spoke about Winstron, which performs the same task of Foxconn (assembles smartphones), but in India, that will have to remain closed for at least 3 weeks; but then there are the companies that produce all the components, which are scattered all over the globe. Just look at the official list (PDF) of the main 200 suppliers (only the main ones!) to get an idea of the extent of the issue. OK, there it speaks of the whole Apple, not just the iPhone, which remains its flagship product.
  • Question – quarantine prolonged is today affecting around 3 billion people. It is a scenario without precedent, and then make precise predictions is very difficult, but most of the experts agree: there will be a great recession, will be less money, many businesses will close and many will lose their jobs. Apple it then asks you how many people will feel in the mood to change your mobile phone from here in a few months. Apparently, the leadership wants to excellent results for its first iPhone with modem 5G: the order to the suppliers is to prepare for the production of 100 million units – divided between the four models that should make up the range.

Also Apple is in quarantine, with the majority of its employees are forced to work from home. It is likely that the final decision on the matter will be taken when the Apple Park will return to fill – it is assumed by may.