iFixit: “The MacBook Air 2020 is more repairable than its predecessor”

iFixit has shared the results of one of its traditional teardown of the new MacBook Air, presented by Apple last week.

The main feature noticeable on the MacBook Air is the keyboard, switch to scissors, an update with respect to the keyboard on the butterfly, which showed serious reliability problems that prompted Apple to implement a large program of repair.

The keyboard with switch and scissor was introduced for the first time in the MacBook Pro by 16 inches, but Apple plans to adopt it across the range MacBook, from MacBook Air. The keyboard updated, adds only half a millimeter of thickness to the body of the machine, with the MacBook Air, which now measures 1.6 cm at its thickest point, compared to 1.5 cm, inch of the previous version.

The new Magic Keyboard hto a thickness of approximately 0.5 mm more than the keyboard, the throttle of the model of the previous generation, which explains the increase of thickness less. The new MacBook Air weighs only 1.29 kg.

MacBook Air

Along with the new keyboard, iFixit has found a heat sink bigger on the processor, and a new configuration of the cable between the logic board and the trackpad that simplifies the repair of the trackpad and the battery.

Last year the cables for the trackpad were stuck under the logic board can now be disconnected at any time, which means that the removal of the trackpad and can happen as soon as the rear cover is detached. And because the battery is located under these same cables, the new configuration significantly accelerates the removal of the battery, leaving the logic board in position. This is one of those occasions where we are able to identify a change in hardware by Apple that aims directly to improve the maintenance of the design existing. Sometimes they listen!

MacBook Air

All in all, the new MacBook Air 2020 has achieved a score of repairability 4/10 from iFixit, which is a plus point compared to the model of the previous generation who got 3/10.