Offer the population access to information from official sources, reliable and authoritative can prove to be a weapon of paramount importance in the fight against coronavirus. Among the many initiatives with this aim we report today that IBM , which through its subsidiary, The Weather Company has built-in The Weather Channel, a detailed map of the infection.

The infection by the coronavirus in the map of IBM

In the United States show numbers relating to the individual counties, while in this moment for the rest of the world, the reported figures are those referring to the entire countries. To understand the reason why initiatives of this type may also play a role it is sufficient to mention that the mobile app for Android and iOS The Weather Channel is actively used each month by more than 45 million people in the USA, an important slice of the population: offer them useful information and up to date figures can only have a positive impact in countering the misinformation that unfortunately surrounds the phenomenon COVID-19.

Coronavirus: la mappa dettagliata di IBM per monitorare il contagio negli Stati Uniti

The data reported in the map are processed by Watson. Staying on the subject of supercomputers, IBM has announced in recent days, the coordination group was established with the goal of bringing together the power of computers the most advanced in the world by placing them in the hands of the scientific research on the coronavirus: the COVID-19 High-Performance Computing Consortium offers 330 petaFLOPS for the development of models related to the definition of experimental therapies or to finally find a vaccine that could eradicate the scourge.