Huawei is in a delicate phase of its history. Just today, unveiled its new top of the range P40, P40 Pro and Pro+, the first of the P-series to arrive on the market without Google Services because of the ban. Then there is the public health emergency linked to the coronavirus, which has swept up many areas of the world-wide industry, including the tech, and this is also Huawei has been affected. But the paradox of this “stop” the collective could come in handy to the chinese giant to earn a little bit of time and re-aligning the competition, reorganizing its plans for the future.

Ren Zhengfei, CEO and Founder of Huawei, in aninterview to The Wall Street Journal, has said the company will respond to the difficulties of the cross of the ban and of the coronavirus, which will lead to a backlash financial important, in an active way, with major investments in the sector of research and development (R&D, Research & Development).

The plan is very ambitious, with incredible figures: the budget allocated to research and development will increase from 5.8 billion today to more than 20 billion.

The CEO has stated that “during the holidays of the lunar new year, over 20,000 scientists, experts and engineers have continued to work because we are in a rush in the development of new technologies”.

In short, it seems that Huawei will not cover the crisis in a conservative manner, but who have all the intention to take advantage of this difficult period to prepare for a return in great style.