The Half Life of the Base, the spin-off of the popular franchise is available from a few days on Steam, can be played without wearing a VR visor, as shown in a live stream on Twitch by Tyler McVicker, the founder of Valve News Network.

McVicker, indeed, has shown that, by using the console command “vr_enable_fake_vr_test”, it is possible to move and shoot taking advantage of mouse and keyboard instead of the VR technology; a small step but does not allow to fully enjoy the game.

The Half Life of the Base, in fact, uses a very important to the possibilities offered by virtual reality and by its particular systems of control and interaction; move around and shoot is not sufficient, since the title requires the player to interact directly with the elements present in the surrounding environment. From simple enigma to reload the weapon; everything passes through the gestures and movements that cannot be reproduced with ease by a mouse and a keyboard.

The discovery puts, however, the foundations to help the modder to make a “modification” that allows for play in Half-Life of the Base without the aid of a viewer.

Half-Life: Resistance is available on Steam and is compatible with all viewers VR for PC (Valve Index, HTC Live, Windows, Mixed Reality, Oculus Rift, and Quest). The new game of Valve has been designed for Virtual Reality with a portfolio narrative that focuses on the character of the Base Vance , who, along with his father Eli, must fight a fight impossible against the fierce alien race the Combine has invaded Earth.

  • Half-Life: Gun | PC | Steam – 49.99€