Those who sail often on the inside of the Play Store to look for new games or applications , you will know that in addition to the ratings and the reviews, even the number of downloads can be a good indicator to decide whether or not to proceed with the installation.

In this regard, Google is introducing in the results of search of the Play Store a badge add-on that allows you to display the total count of the downloads, without necessarily having to access the description of the application.

As shown in the screenshots to follow, the badge is located to the right of the classification, and depending on the letter next to the digit – K indicates thousands, M millions, and B billions – you can immediately have an indication for all of the search results.

An additional element to the interface of the Play Store, which helps to make searches more precise and targeted, after the arrival of the dark theme required a loud voice by the users. However, to view the new detail on the research, we will have to wait for an update on the server side, as it seems to be still available for all Android devices.