Google Play Movies may soon offer free movies supported by advertising @BitFeedCo.

The world of video streaming is now permeating the media marketplace like never before. Google knows this because YouTube dominates the length and breadth of the segment of the video “non-professional”. In the hope, however, to make a breakthrough in the world of movies, Google Play Movies, you may add soon a section in which offer movies for free but supported by ads.

The service could be ready to provide hundreds of movies to viewers free of charge, all with the vision of some advertising. The news comes from the teardown of the latest version of the app made by the folks of XDA Developers.

A handful of strings found in the app make it pretty clear that Google is working to provide content that is “free with ads”. Another string includes information that makes clear what will not be only one or two films, but “hundreds of movies” with “only a few advertising”. From another perspective, this development really make much sense.

YouTube and Play Movies are already fairly deeply integrated with one another and YouTube regularly offers free movies, supported by advertising (at least in the USA). The only thing that is not clear is if the films that Play the Film is expected to offer will differ from the extensive list of free videos that YouTube offers usually.

Let’s not forget that Amazon, in the US, already offers such a service, for which Google you are seeing a little bit forced to launch it not to be left behind.

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Waiting to get more information about this possible service of free movies on Google Play Movies, we want to remember that the new Google Play Services 20.12.14 announce a news for kids.


Google Play Movies may soon offer free movies supported by advertising @BitFeedCo.