The segment of the stream she lives time in a constant growth and the current pandemic Coronavirus did not amplify this tendency, as to push the big names such as Disney+, Netflix, and Youtube, to lower the streaming quality as a function of the increased internet use across Europe.

In times as complex and difficult as the one we are experiencing, to see the proliferation of free services (that we use constantly in our deepening solidarity digital) is always a pleasure, therefore, the news that Google Play Movies could soon introduce fits very well into this context.

But we get to the point, according to a recent analysis of some of the developers of XDA, a portion of code of the version 4.18.37 Google Play Music on Android would be the intention to include a good number of video content offered for free with support TO. The strings speak of the hundreds of titles coming, available to the vision: the only price you will pay will be the presence of advertising content. As evidenced by the code, the functionality will also require the inclusion of the year of birth for the management of prohibited content to certain age groups.

  • string name=”athome_add_birthdate_to_watch”>Add birthdate to watch
  • string name=”athome_free_with_ads”>Free with ads
  • string name=”athome_free_with_ads_description”>Hundreds of movies, just a few ads
  • string name=”athome_introduce_free_movies”>Introducing
  • string name=”athome_watch_free_with_ads”>Watch free with ads
  • string name=”cast_expanded_controller_ad_in_progress”>in progressu2026
  • string name=”see_free_movies”>See free movies

At the moment there is no news concerning the function, with good probability may be only an extension to Play the Movie than you did on Youtube from 2018 onwards. No timeframe at the moment, but in view of the serious world situation we can not exclude that the offer of video content free can arrive in a short time.