The analyst Loup Ventures Gene Munster has denied the rumors about a delay of months in the launch of the next iPhone 12, of which so much is spoken in the day yesterday.

mockup iPhone 12

In a post published on his official blog, Munster said that there was a “misunderstanding” in believing that Apple uses only one year to bring an iPhone from the initial concept to the launch. For this, the analyst denies the report published yesterday by the Nikkei, according to which Apple may launch the next iPhone with a one or two months of delay compared to the initial forecast.

Munster insists that Apple takes from three to four years to bring to the market a new iPhone, as confirmed in several interviews of the various hardware engineers who work for the company. “This means,“ writes Munster, “who by the end of march of a given year, the vast majority of the design and planning of a iPhone, even in relation to the supply chain that is already terminated“.

In addition, the analyst stresses that the main suppliers, including the manufacturer of the chip Ax TSMC, are increasing production to allow Apple to launch the new iPhone in late September and early October. Munster believes that the supply chain is ready to deliver “several million” of the iPhone by the end of September, a figure in line with the cycles of launch of the models of the past.

With regard to the possible repercussions of the epidemic of COVID-19, Munster explains that there might be consequences only in the short term, as Apple plans its activities in terms of decades, not months or years, “… and this gives the company a huge competitive advantage in the long term, and is often underestimated. These advantages consist also in allowing the company to survive any unexpected“.