Fastweb, TIM, Vodafone and WindTre have again been fined by AGCOM for the issue of the bill to 28 days, which began in 2018. The authority has encountered delays in issuing of refunds, which in some cases are not even coming directly.

In short, the injunction of the NRA (also supported by the Council of State) said, more or less, “returned the money immediately”, while the operators they’re familiar and/or have proposed alternatives such as discounts and promotions, and/or have them offered only to those who asked explicitly through modules, the procedures complex, and other schemes clearly designed to limit losses.

Moral of the story: now you pay. The figures are the ones that we report below; between brackets the link to the PDF file with the official resolution.

  • Fastweb: 1.5 million euro (PDF)
  • TIM: 3 million euro (PDF)
  • Vodafone: 2.5 million euro (PDF)
  • WindTre: 2 million euro (PDF)
  • Total: 9 million