After stopping some activities – in particular the testing of the means for the mission of the Artemis – due to the health emergency in the course, the NASA will make its supercomputers available to researchers who study the evolution of the pandemic for the purpose of seeking candidates for the cure and the vaccine.

To announce it, the day today, it was the White House, which has launched a project to merge the it resources of the country against the pandemic: in addition to the tools of the u.s. space agency, will be involved also the National Science Foundation, the laboratories of the Department of Energy, businesses, and academic institutions.

From IBM to Amazon Web Services, from Microsoft to Google Cloud, from Hewlett Packard to the various academic institutions, there are many realities that have responded to the appeal. NASA, for its own account, has made available to the super computer, SGI Altix 512-processor at the research center Ames, typically used to develop simulation models on the behavior of the climate.

I’m proud that @NASA is lending our supercomputing expertise to assist in the global fight against COVID-19. For more than six decades the agency has used its expertise to take on challenges that have benefited people worldwide in unexpected ways. More:

— Jim Bridenstine (@JimBridenstine) March 23, 2020

The leaders of the various realities involved in the project have expressed great satisfaction for the initiative, starting from the NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine, who on Twitter said:

I am proud that Nasa is paying for our experience of supercomputing to contribute to the global fight against the disease Covid-19. For over six decades, the agency uses its experience to address the challenges that have brought benefits to people all over the world in unexpected ways.