Apple recognizes the problem the anti-reflective coating of the MacBook Air

This week Apple acknowledged that models of the MacBook Air with Retina display may present problems of anti-reflective coating.

“The Retina displays on some MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, can present problems to the anti-reflective coating (AR),“ says the memo.

The service books inside Apple for this problem, previously mentioned only the MacBook Pro, but the MacBook Air is now cited in at least two points. Apple has added a Retina display to the MacBook Air in October 2018, and on all the models launched subsequently.

MacBook air

Currently, Apple has a repair program free of charge for the issue of the anti-reflective coating, but has not been added to any model of MacBook Air to its list of qualifying models, although it is mentioned in the documentation. However, with Apple that recognizes that the MacBook Air may present a problem, customers might have to receive a free repair.

Apple has launched the repair program in October 2015, after some users of the MacBook and MacBook Pro have seen un the problem with the anti-reflective coating on the Retina display.

The Apple Store outside of China, and many authorized service provider Apple are closed at this time, but customers can visit the site for help and support.