In the past few days, the vice president of the United States, Mike Pence said that Apple has donated over 9 million masks with filter N95 to doctors and medical personnel of the country to cope with the pandemic COVID-19. A few hours ago, Tim Cook has shared more details in a video posted on Twitter.

tim cook

Tim Cook has stated that so far Apple has purchased and donated 10 million face masks to the medical community in the United States. The video provides greater clarity on the provenance of these units. While Mike Pence had said that the masks were already in possession of Apple, Cook has instead reaffirmed that the operating team of the company has moved to buy them in the shortest possible time.

These are the words of Tim Cook:

Work from home as many of you are doing these days and I just wanted to take a moment to encourage you to do what the experts suggest to do. Stay home when possible and when not possible, ensure that you remain a safe distance of 2 metres from the other.

I am also pleased to tell you that Apple has found, purchased and donated 10 million face masks to the medical community in the United States. These people deserve our thanks for all the work you are doing in the first line.

I also want to take a moment this morning to thank the people working to help us move forward. From the workers to the warehouse to the couriers, the people that supply the shelves of our supermarkets and those of the local pharmacies. Also these people deserve our thanks.

It is in these difficult moments that we show our greatest strength, and I know that we will be at the height.

Proud to share we’ve been able to source 10M masks for the US and millions more for the hardest hit regions in Europe. Our ops teams are helping to find and purchase masks from our supply chain, in coordination with governments around the world.

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) March 25, 2020

In the past few days, Apple had already donated millions of masks, even in Europe.