Some of the most important reality of the online world and hi-tech have chosen to line up alongside theWorld Health Organization for a project whose goal is to leverage innovation as a means of combating the effects of coronavirus: announced via the official #BuildforCOVID19.

#BuildforCOVID19: the project

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, TikTok (ByteDance), Pinterest, Slack and Giphy are already on board. We can not exclude the accession of the other to short. All together for a hackathon that aims to call upon the developers to develop software solutions that can mitigate the impact of the pandemic there are now of interest to a large part of the planet.

The companies listed above will each have their own resources. The parties have few days to submit their ideas addressed in fields such as health, the protection of the most vulnerable populations, business, community, education and entertainment. The list of projects deemed most worthy, and accordingly selected will be announced on 3 April.

Considering the isolation you are currently experiencing within the community we want to create an online space where developers can create, test, and produce software useful to deal with the crisis.

A lot of engineers at Facebook and at companies and universities around the world are asking how they can get more…

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday 24th of march 2020

The above the intervention of the number one of Facebook , which he recalls how on the occasion of the hackathon organized by the social network have taken on a life of functionality, such as the one devoted to blood donations and services for emergencies.