One of the consequences of the decree #iorestoacasa to face the spread of the coronavirus has locked in their homes, tens of millions of italians was manifested by an overload of the network infrastructure, so that, in the past few weeks more times-based connections fixed-line was affected by down and slow you down. On the subject intervened today, Luigi Gubitosi, a number of TIM, with a statement entrusted to the colleagues in the Corriere della Sera in which she throws water on the fire: the Italian network are at the ready.

The network of TIM is well-built. It is very solid and stable, it can handle additional traffic without any problems.

Italy, lockdown and Internet: no problem, TIM

A comment that comes in conjunction with the reduction of the share of participation of Elliott TIM, from 9,72% to 6,97%. The value of the stock on the stock market is down. Going back to the’infrastructure of the Internet, an external opinion provided to Reuters, is that of Pietro Solidoro, analyst, Fidentiis.

We believe that Telecom Italia has proven to be one of the business more resilient since the beginning of the spread of the virus, when a growing number of users connected to the network.

To weigh in specifically on the sealing of the connections is streaming, and even more in detail to the video, so much so, that platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram have chosen to accept the appeal launched by the european institutions to temporarily reduce the quality of the content transmitted, avoiding the risk of overloads and ensuring the continuity of service to someone who makes a lever for smart working or training at a distance.