The new version of Safari for iOS and macOS includes the complete block third-party cookies

The team’s WebKit Apple in a new blog post, he said that Safari on macOS 10.15.4 and iOS and iPadOS 13.4 includes improvements to the function of Intelligent Tracking Prevention that allows the complete block third-party cookies.

Cookies for resources between sites are blocked by default in the new versions of Safari, introducing significant improvements to privacy because they reduce further the monitoring functionality between the sites.

It may seem like a change bigger than what it is. But we’ve added so many restrictions to the ITP from its initial release in 2017 that we are now in a place where most of the third-party cookies is already blocked in Safari.

To continue to support the integration between sites, two years ago we provided the API access to the storage to provide a means for embeds authenticated to obtain access to the cookie with the control required of the user. The function is currently going through the standardization process in the W3C Privacy Community Group.

The new feature of blocking cookies ensures that there is a state of the Intelligent Tracking Prevention that can be detected through the behaviour of the block of the cookie in that it removes the status, and also prevents a malicious user to see the status ITP.

The cookie policy default Safari requires that a third party has “seeded” his cookie jar as the first part before being able to use the cookie as a third party.

This means that the absence of a cookie in a third party claim may be due to the block ITP’s existing cookie or to the policy of cookies the default block cookies because the user has never visited the website, the cookies of the website that are expired or because the user or ITP has explicitly deleted the cookies of the Web site.

Safari is the first browser to completely block third-party cookies by default and the team’s WebKit Apple wants to pave the way for other browsers to do the same, then plan to bring back the experience of complete block third-party cookies to the W3C Privacy Community Group in an effort to help other browsers to make the changes.

More information on the changes implemented in Safari for iOS, iPadOS and macOS are now available in the full blog post.