PS Now, Google Staff, and other games will never get in the App Store

As highlighted in a new report by Bloomberg, the current Apple’s rules prevent producers from streaming services for games to get an app on the app Store. The rules do not allow an app to serve as a repository of games that may contain content of other publishers.

This means that the services is growing as a GeForce Now, xCloud, PS Now , and the Google Staff can’t reach clients for iPhone and iPad.

The streaming services of online games work by hosting the game on servers in the cloud, essentially broadcasting in streaming a game rendered on the user device. This means that a game can be played on a mobile device but have the fidelity of a console or a PC, high-end; the tradeoff is the latency of the stream. Many companies are trying to launch this type of service.

Of course, these companies are annoyed by the fact that their platforms are incompatible with the guidelines of the App Store and can’t be opened on iOS. In the meantime, Apple has launched and strongly promotes its subscription service games, Apple, Arcade, which is integrated into the app Store app on every iOS device 13.

Technically, Apple Arcade does not violate the rules. Here is the paragraph relevant to the Guidelines for the review of the App Store:

You can offer a single subscription is shared between your apps and services, but these subscriptions may not extend to the app or services of third parties. The games offered in a subscription game must be owned or under exclusive license of the developer (e.g. Not part of a platform for the publication of games). Every game must be downloaded directly from the App Store, it must be designed to avoid double payments by a subscriber and should not disadvantage non-subscription customers.

Apple Arcade is a subscription service to games where all games are downloaded directly from the store and published or exclusively licensed by Apple. Arcade is not a streaming service; the games are downloaded and saved locally.

Apple Arcade

The clause, as written, invalid, essentially, the activities of all the streaming services games. Bloomberg notes that has been approved, a subscription service of party games, GameClub. However, it is a model that is similar to the Arcade (only offline, no streaming, and a separate app is downloaded for each title) and it took 127 attempts to pass the auditing of the App Store.

And also the all-you-can-play are prohibited. Apple requires that “every game should be downloaded directly from the App Store” rather than a catalog of games. Apple, however, catalogues for apps such as magazines, music, videos, and books.

“There is an intense relationship between developers and Apple, precisely because of rules like this,” said David Barnard, an independent developer of long-standing, and a lawyer at RevenueCat “In a certain sense, I am incredibly grateful to for helping me earn millions of dollars and I couldn’t have done it without her. On the other hand, being so heavy at times kill the app and make you lose developers to other potential revenue “.

Many restrictions have started to raise antitrust concerns.

The Department of Justice has interviewed the developers as part of an antitrust probe into the major technology companies and their control on the digital markets and if they are competing in a fair way. Companies like Spotify and Tile have stated that the preferential treatment of Apple for its products makes it difficult to compete with it.