iPadOS 13.4: Apple introduces the function iPad shared for business users

Along with the release of iOS 13.4, iPadOS 13.4 and macOS 10.15.4, Apple has also released several exciting new features aimed at simplifying the life of business users. Among the new features there are iPad shared work sessions and temporary for iPad shared, on macOS comes lmanagement of the activation block and the support for caching.

Previously limited to Apple School Manager, iPad shared allows companies that are running Apple Business Manager to support in secure and simple way for multiple users with one or more tablet shared. Using an Apple ID, managed, employees can access personal data, apps and settings on the iPad common.

Based on the theme iPad shared the iPad iPadOS 13.4 can facilitate the sharing sessions temporary without an Apple ID, managed. This option deletes the user’s data when an employee logs off, which means that an iPad that is shared is available for use immediately after a worker has disconnected.

With macOS 10.15.4, system administrators can enable or disable the Lock activation, which requires a password for the Apple ID, or a passcode of the device to deactivate the app Where it is, delete data on a Mac or reactivate a locked machine. In addition, administrators are now able to rreceive the codes to bypass the Lock activation in case you need to restore a Mac locked.

Finally, Internet sharing and caching connected can be enabled in the remote Mac, the latter of which can reduce the time to download and install software on iOS devices that are connected.