Google Play Services 20.12.14 announce a news for kids @BitFeedCo.

It has been a little over a month since Google released the first Developer Preview of Android 11 and a little less than a week from the second build (without, however, update the Google Play Services). It is needless to say that both the build currently released have many changes compared to Android 10, including a new use permissions, lifetime, the history of notifications, and so on.

In the same way, there are several other innovations still little known and not well developed, which will add very interesting news. One of these is the API DevicePolicyKeyguardService, designed to provide a lock screen secondary user interface of the system.

Initially, we thought that it was intended for use only in business because of the administration requirements of the device, but XDA has discovered a potential use as a new parental control tool for Family Link.

A new service that was found in the analysis of the Google Play Services 20.12.14 suggests that we may soon see a direct integration of this API. The name of this service, “”, leads us to believe that Family Link will be the one who will benefit.

We can assume that Google will allow parents to set a lock screen with a secondary for their children, which will then display information different from the main one. The API documentation mentions that the implementation must be provided by an app of the administration of the device, something that Google Play Services meets.

The words “platformAtLeastR” in the service suggests that this feature is only available for devices with Android versions 11 and later.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find the strings or the related resources to the function, and, in the same way, the latest version of Family Link had no details on this function. This probably means that the feature is in an early stage of development, then it is lawful attendersela for the first time only in the beta versions of Android 11.


Google Play Services 20.12.14 announce a news for kids @BitFeedCo.