Dell Mobile Connect for iOS is updated by introducing important new features

This week, Dell has updated its app Dell Mobile Connect for iOS with new features that offer a seamless integration between iPhone and PC, Apple, including the mirroring of the screen wireless.

Version 3.0 of the app allows users to control their phone with the touch screen, keyboard, and mouse of the PC, and also allows the selection of files, photos, and videos to transfer them between devices.

In addition to the mirroring of the screen, the update includes Windows support to answer and make hands-free calls, text messages, notifications, search contacts, and more when paired to an iPhone.

The PC app Dell Mobile Connect it has a few requirements: the laptop Dell must be a model year 2018 or later, with Bluetooth and ranges of Dell laptops supported include XPS, Inspiron, Vostro, Alienware and G Series.

The app Dell Mobile Connect is available for free on the App Store.