Despite the certainty that the pandemic Coronavirus will cause the postponement of many of the future missions, such as Exomars by ESA, and Roscomos that you plan to postpone it to September 2022, some of the developments of NASA have been able to proceed. Among these, we find that the capsule Orion, a fundamental component of the mission of the lunar Artemis, just because it will allow the transport of astronauts to the lunar orbit.

Orion has completed a successful test of resistance to more extreme temperaturesoccurred in the largest vacuum chamber in the world, within the Plum Brook Station of NASA in Sandusky, Ohio.

The room can be lowered at -156 degrees celsius or raised to +149 degrees. In this way, NASA can emulate the different types of environments that Orion will face while you fly between the sunlight and the shadow. It is not a heating or even cooling, in fact, a special system “Heat Flux” is able to apply high temperatures to specific parts of the spacecraft to make sure everything steady.

Despite the progress, The NASA has recently decided to stop the development of rockets and capsules , as necessary, to bring man back on the Moon in the context of the mission of the Artemis