Apple’s supplier increase the production of the Magic Keyboard

A report on the supply chain indicates that thedemand of the MacBook and the iPad remains positive, despite the fact that most of the shops are closed, and many consumers faced financial problems during the pandemic coronavirus.

Although it is only a measure, the report today says that the suppliers of the keyboard to the range of Apple continue to increase the production according to the plans pre-coronavirus

The keyboard scissor is used in the MacBook Pro by 16 inch, new MacBook Air 13-inch and in the upcoming Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro from 11 and 12.9 inches.

Digitimes reports:

The suppliers involved in the supply chain for new products, Apple with its Magic Keyboard, a switch, scissor redesigned are increasing production and have not seen cuts to the orders despite concerns about the coronavirus.

So far, Apple has not cut any of his orders with the supply chain to 2020, but its suppliers are still closely monitoring the development of coronavirus.

Apple is about to return to a keyboard with scissor after serious reliability problems with the design of the keyboard to the butterfly introduced for the first time on the MacBook 12-inch, and subsequently distributed to the MacBook Pro models. The reliability problems with the keyboard on the butterfly, were common enough that Apple has launched a program of free repair for this problem.

Magic Keyboard

According to some rumor, that Apple is planning to release a new MacBook Pro 13-or 14-inch keyboard with a scissor updated during the second quarter of 2020.