Once again Digitimes confirms the predictions made some time ago by the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, and in the last report suggests that soon the Magic Keyboard will be adopted also by the MacBook Pro 13.3-inch. The exact 13.3-inch: so, apparently, is not yet the time for one screen is increased in size, and even with reduced framing.

According to the sources internal to the production chain listen by Digitimes, in fact, the production of components related to the new Apple keyboard is growing in a significant way. Of course, it might simply be an adjustment in virtue of the keyboard with the trackpad presented together with the new iPad Pro (and that, however, will come on the market in a few months), but the information gathered by Digitimes would be sufficient to think about another device involved, and that is the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

It is a hypothesis very likely, considering that Apple seems to have finally abandoned the mechanism of the throttle valves that had created many controversies to return, starting from the MacBook Pro by 16-inch, to the more traditional switch to scissors, which are then also arrived on the new MacBook Air and, as said, on the keyboard, for the iPad Pro.

The report also contains a claim that the screen should remain the same as the current one, as optimization of the frames. Ming Chi Kuo, on the other hand, he had recently reported that big changes are coming to the front MacBook, with ARM architecture, a model 14.1-inch , and a redesign radical of the lines introduced in 2016: but all this only in 2021.