Apple launches a series of videos to help teachers with teaching the remote

Schools around the world are closing because of the epidemic of the coronavirus, but Apple is ready to help teachers with a new website that shows them how to enable lessons to be remote for all students who use Apple products.

The Web site Apple Education Learning Series presents a collection of videos designed for students and teachers of all ages.

The first two instructional videos of Apple focus exclusively on the use of the built-in features of the iPad. The first video, titled Prepare resources for learning the remote, shows you how to use the iPad’s camera to scan documents and stay organized. Also shows how Change can be used to annotate the materials, how to use voice Memos and some other features.

The other video, and even Create and share presentations and demos, how to demeanour for to have conversations face-to-face when you can’t meet face-to-face. Includes suggestions for group FaceTime, and different ways to make presentations using Keynote. The video teaches educators how to record content to create a demo that can then be sent to students for viewing.

Apple says that his next video will focus on the clip of the app for iOS. Students will learn how to create and share funny videos. It will encourage the educators to use the clips to make instructional videos to explore new skills and ideas.

Today we’re launching Apple Education Learning Series, a growing collection of videos designed to help schools and educators make the most of #RemoteLearning on their Apple devices.

— Apple Education (@AppleEDU) March 24, 2020

Also, Apple says that teachers will be able to participate in virtual conferences of 30 minutes with the specialists of the professional learning of Apple. A programme of conferences and events in time zones, specific is available here.

Apple has also recently updated its advice on the learning remote, and on the management of the devices, to help teachers and schools to create and maintain systems for education remote.