Adobe invites users to try Illustrator Beta on iPad

According to some users, Adobe is inviting users to test its upcoming app, Illustrator for the iPad.

Illustrator for iPad is designed with an emphasis on Multi-Touch and Apple Pencil as an input method, and the app also takes advantage of the hardware of the iPad, including the camera system. For example, we can take a photo of a hand-drawn sketch, and the app will transform it into vector shapes. The files are saved in Adobe Creative Cloud, then you can start a project on your iPad and continue to the desktop or vice versa.

The app is coming at an opportune moment for iPad users, since Apple has slowly added new features similar to those of a computer on the iPadOS. Just recently, Apple has introduced support for mouse and trackpad for the iPad and launched the new generation iPad Pro with the advanced capabilities of augmented reality.

Adobe has declared that it will launch Illustrator for the iPad in 2020, but has not yet provided a release date specific. Interested users can sign up to the beta program here.

Illustrator on the iPad beta

— Masahiko YASUI (@Yasutchi) March 24, 2020