The iPad version of Illustrator is approaching: Adobe has from a few hours started to distribute invitations for the access to the private beta of the famous software dedicated to vector graphics.

The message to accompany the invitation does not leave space for imaginations:

Your invitation to Illustrator on the iPad.
Get ready to create beautiful graphics and illustrations with Apple, Pencil and the Touch on your iPad Pro

The official launch of Illustrator for the iPad, as it already confirmed at the beginning of November, will take place during the 2020, although up to this moment it is not clear what should be the period (it is rumored during the next autumn).

Just as already happened with Photoshop, also in this case it will not be a full version with all the features found on the desktop: as was shown, in fact, the application will be based on the same code, but will include a series of optimizations that allow you to use it smoothly from the iPad.