The platform speaks with rumor and rumors for almost two years, but Redmond never reached an official announcement in this regard. Yet, the project Windows Core OS does not seem to have been abandoned. You back to talk about it today because of some new evidence found in the updated documentation from Microsoft.

The project Windows Core OS is alive and well

Explain the preparation of site Windows Latest. If the rumors are confirmed, the operating system will be designed with various facets of PC (laptop and desktop), to console the family Xbox, devices, dual-screen or folding (such as Surface Neo), to the large screen Surface Hub for office, viewers like HoloLens for the mixed reality, and to the products of the Internet of Things.

The attached screenshot below comes directly from the pages of the official Microsoft website and in more detail in a section dedicated to fonts. Although the reference at the moment has been removed, the image shows a version online a few days ago. This is the message reported.

Be careful: not all of the fonts, the desktop will be present in the editions is not the desktop of Windows 10 on the Xbox, HoloLens, Surface Hub, future devices WCOS etc

Indizi sull'esistenza del progetto Windows Core OS, direttamente dal sito ufficiale Microsoft

Referred to as WCOS in the documents that circulate internally to Microsoft, essentially a edition of the slimmer, modular, and reduced to the essential of what is now Windows 10 with guaranteed support the execution of Win32 applications, to those Universal of the Windows Platform and to the Progressive Web App. Everything (hopefully) with improvements in terms of safety, performance and reliability, able to offer a uniform experience on different form factor and without asking too much in terms of hardware resources.