It lengthens the list of online platforms that give up the highest quality of their content to protect the network from overloads. He had asked the European Union a few days ago, and already all the major players have adapted by reducing the bit rate and the resolution of the images.

TikTok is combined with Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube, and with a press release announces that for the month high-definition will not be available for content to share and view on the social platform. Also in this case the will is that of “do not add additional pressure on the infrastructure and the capacity of the network as a whole”. The decision was voluntary, and the restrictions apply to all over the world with immediate effect.

It is, of course, a contribution is more symbolic than anything else, but that will be able to contribute – albeit in a minimal part – to preserve the network, ensuring that all the connection. Contribution of other dimensions that TikTok has given in economic terms, donating $ 10 million to the World Health Organization and its Solidarity Response Fund. With this fund, WHO provides support and instrumentation to the health care professionals who are working in the front line, and will fund research on cures, treatments and vaccines.

Further commitment on the part of TikTok consists in spreading the video of the WHO to the end): (a) good information and (b) helping people by showing them for example how to properly wear a mask.