The block due to the coronavirus in India affects the production of the iPhone XR

The production of the iPhone XR at the factory of Foxconn of the Apple supplier in Chennai, India, should be discontinued or at least strongly limited. The local area Tamil Nadu is subject to the blocking procedure of the country to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The indian government has invoked the section 144 of her criminal code and applied it to all the public meetings. Section 144 prohibits the assembly of four or more people in a single place and during isolation, the act on the epidemic of 1897, it also limits the assembly to a similar number.

The indian prime minister Narendra Modi has ordered a lockout at the national level by midnight Tuesday, which will last at least until 31 march.

“Because this is a medical emergency and extraordinary, we have put in place these stringent measures. Thirty teams of joint corporations, and the police will be round to do checks,” he told the Times of India, the commissioner of Greater Chennai Corporation G Prakash, “

Foxconn produces iphones XR in India by October 2019, but it was thought that he was planning to manufacture the iPhone 11 also in Chennai. Currently the iPhone XR is dominating smartphone sales around the world.

At the moment, Apple is not an Apple Store in India, even if you think you’re planning to open one at the shopping centre, Maker Maxity Mumbai.