Instagram updates its app and introduced new and amazing features

Instagram has launched a series of updates to help with the current crisis in global health. A change helps the users to contribute to relief efforts for the pandemic coronavirus and another offers people a way to stay in touch while distancing the social becomes the norm all over the world.

Instagram announced updates on Twitter and in a blog post this morning. First of all, the adhesive of the donations has been updated with a section on “Contribuisici to fight the COVID-19” to allow users to share and give easy money to non profit organizations. Instagram has stated that it is also launching the sticker of the donations in most countries.

To give people more ways to give back at this time, we added a new COVID-19 section to our Donation sticker so people can quickly identify relevant nonprofits. We are also making the stickers available in other countries.

— Instagram Comms (@InstagramComms) March 24, 2020

And for ease of connection during the pandemic Instagram is launching the new feature “Co-Watching” that allows friends and family to sail together in the service of social media.

Here’s how you can start a session of Co-Watching:

You can start a video chat by tapping the video chat icon in the inbox in a direct or a thread to direct existing, and you can view photos / videos, favorites and suggested tapping the photo icon in the lower left corner in a video chat in progress.

More details on the new update of Instagram:

  • Include more educational resources in the search for Instagram
  • Adding stickers to promote accurate information
  • Removal of content and account COVID-19 from the recommendations, unless they are published by a health organization credible
  • Ability to create a shared history, to help those who practice social distancing to connect with others, using a sticker, “I rest at home“