The measures of containment of the pandemic, which force you to stay at home, have led to an increase of the traffic network: it is the current Fastweb, in a note sent to the NRA confirmed that it had put in place interventions to avoid congestion, despite the greater use of the band.

To be relevant, the data related to the fixed network – the most used one in the last few days for work activities (see fig. smart working, always the most used by Italian companies), sessions of online gaming or watching streaming content.

The overall volume of data, ” says Fastweb, has almost doubled: it went from a daily usage of between 10 and 12 Petabytes to a higher value of 18 to 20 Petabytes. An increase of 40% on the value of the so-called “peaks”, occurring usually in the evening: 2.8 Terabit/s to 3.9 Terabits/s.

In this regard, Fastweb is said to be intervened promptly on its infrastructure to support network loads above the current requests.

Fastweb has promptly initiated the necessary interventions on its own network infrastructure to put it in a position to support increases in traffic: the main nodes of the network have been updated and dimensioned to support peaks of up to 4.4 terabits/second, much higher peak current, thus ensuring a service that is fluid and without phenomena of slowing down.

To follow is a summary of the phenomena detected by the operator:

  • increase in video traffic now represents more than 50% of total traffic (+30%)
  • increase of traffic gaming, which accounts for around 15% (+300%)
  • the stability of the traffic of surfing the Internet, which continues to represent approximately 18% of the total traffic.