We know that Apple is developing a feature called CarKey, which will allow drivers to use their iPhone as a digital key to NFC on your car. In the code of iOS 14 it turns out that BMW may be the first home driver to support this function.

carkey apple

In the month of December, the group BMW had said it would have a leading role in the integration of intelligent devices on their own cars, to provide customers with easy access, connected “and ” without key”.

Also, BMW and Apple are part of the consortium the Car Connectivity which is working to one standard only to turn smartphones into digital keys. The Digital Key developed by the CCC allows you to lock and unlock the door, start the engine, and share with others access to their car via smartphone. Unlike some remote control solutions that take advantage of the communications, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, this technology is linked to the connection of the NFC.

The version 3.0 of the Digital Key will also exploit theUWB, Ultra-Wideband, which provides greater safety and velocitù connection between smartphone and car. This technology is already present on the iPhone 11 and later models, and is currently being exploited by Apple for the function AirDrop.

Also BMW is integrating the UWB systems of their car, a confirmation of the fact that, technically, there are all the preconditions for this partnership. iOS 14 it is only the confirmation and therefore it is likely that the first cars to support CarKey will be the ones manufactured by BMW. This function can also be used on the Apple Watch.

In addition, it is necessary to perform authentication with the Face ID, but you only need to have the iPhone in the vicinity of the car. Also, CarKey works in a similar way to cards, Transit Express, then it will work with your iPhone or Apple Watch with battery fully drained.

The pairing process between your iPhone and car will be run through the app Wallet, but you will need to have the app of the car manufacturer to proceed with the final configuration. Users will then have to place the iPhone above an NFC reader in the car during the initial process, then CarKey will be available in the app Wallet. Subsequently, the key can also be added on the Apple Watch.

Another interesting information is that CarKey can be shared with other people, for example, with the members of the family. Drivers can invite other people directly from the app Wallet, so as to enable access to the drive on their iPhone and Apple Watch.