Ubuntu Touch successfully installed on Redmi Notes 7 @BitFeedCo.

The magic of the Project Teble and of the subdivision of the various elements that make up the Android operating system makes not only the development of Custom ROM is the most simple but also the installation of operating systems that are totally different is possible. For example, what happened with the Redmi Notes 7 and porting of Ubuntu Touch.

This porting has been made by XDA developer erfanoabdi, which has exploited the porting of Ubuntu Touch for smartphones F (x) is tec Pro1 developer NotKit. The project has also worked Danct12, a developer who had previously performed the porting of Ubuntu Touch on Xiaomi Redmi 4X. Danct12 has also released a teaser video that shows that Ubuntu Touch is started on the Redmi Notes 7.

#UbuntuTouch for #RedmiNote7.

Will come… and when it’s [email protected] @UBports pic.twitter.com/aWrlTygruF

— Danct12 (@RealDanct12) March 17, 2020

The developer erfanoabdi has already uploaded the first build, but at the time the porting is nothing more than a proof of concept at this time. In fact, these early builds should be considered pre-alpha in qaunto to stability and functionality.

In this regard, the touch, the display and Wi-Fi are the only things that worked. If you wish to proceed with the installation of Ubuntu Touch, it is necessary to perform the flashing of the LineageOS 16.0 autocompilata of erfanoabdi for Redmi Notes 7, followed by the flash system.img, dtbo.img and hallium-boot prebuilt. Next, you need to get your hands on rootfs UBports correct and install them using the installation script of Halium.

In short, it is not at all a simple procedure and within the reach of all. Last but not least, it is always good to remember that procedures of this kind should be void the legal warranty.


Ubuntu Touch successfully installed on Redmi Notes 7 @BitFeedCo.