In full emergency COVID-19 the ex-primary of the Hospital of Gardone Val Trompia (Brescia), Renato Favero is an idea: turning a diving mask sold by Decathlon, a respiratory. The doctor asks for help to implement the project and Isinnova the concrete. The brescia-based company was already working to provide the Hospital, Chiari (Brescia), the valves 3D-printed used for the breathing of the sick of COVID-19, the next step was to fit the mask.

The result is translated into masks, C-Pap for breathing of emergency that helped to cope with a shortage of one instrument of fundamental importance to provide a medical support to patients with the coronavirus (Sars-Cov-2). A project realized in record time: the prototype of the valves and fitting the respirator is born in 7 days and was tested in the Hospital of Chiari, resulting in functioning perfectly.

Cristian Fracassi of Isinnova commented:

Gave us 20 masks, in which we replaced the mouthpiece with a valve, 3D printed in which allows you to engage the tubes of oxygen. This new valve is called Charlotte. We have tested the product, once, twice, three times. We’ve tried it in two hospitals, by modifying the valve on the directions of the doctors. And finally it worked. A project simple and replicable: we have filed the patent and we’ll give it free to all, so that it can be printed also by other

The story shows how the 3D-printing, as underlined in the dropout rate, is mature and able to get where others do not reach. The synergies between this particular technology and the medical industry are not new: just to give some examples think of the heart complete 3D printed or the first prototype of a bionic eye made with the same technique.

For sake of completeness we add that Isinnova has received many requests for the construction of valves for respirators, but he pointed out that should be conducted starting from the original piece: there are several types of valves and if you the mountains on a machine the wrong comprometti the health of the patient. Cristian Fracassi has also responded to unconfirmed reports related to the alleged accusations of having infringed the patents for the construction of the valves: we responded to a request for help, working for free … these valves are not valid as the original and do not have the certification of fitness, but it can only be used in emergency situations, what is this in which we find ourselves.