The app Where it is on iOS 14 will include new functionality, such as the mode, AR and new trigger position.

dov è ios 14

As reported by 9to5Mac, the new app Where it is introduced in iOS 13 with the union of services “Find friends” and “Find my iPhone” will include the new features of notification on the part of location sharing. WithOS 14, this app will include a new option that we will receive an alert when someone arrives at a specific location at the scheduled time.

Where is it already includes the possibility to receive an alert when someone reaches a place determined, for example, the school or the office, but this new option will allow you to receive the notification even if the person that we monitor (e.g., a child) does not reach the selected location within a certain time.

The new option should lead to a lower number of notifications, especially for parents who keep track of their children: if the monitored person arrives on time, then no notifications will be sent.

The new alert options present in iOS 14, you can receive a notification when a contact leaves a specific location before a predetermined time. For example, the parent will receive a notification if the child leaves the school before the time you usually.

All of these options can be customized on specific days and times of the week.

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Mode AR

ar dov è

From the operating system code shows that the new Where you will also work with the display in augmented reality (will be released by Apple by the end of the year?) and ARKit. Users will be able to visually locate another person by using augmented reality to receive more precise directions. There are also the trigger of the device AirTag that Apple should launch in the next few months.