Huawei celebrates EMUI 10, customizing, the owner of Android 10, which is now available on a larger number of devices, and has surpassed the milestone of 100 million installations. January was celebrated in one of the 50 million, and two months later, the figure is doubled.

As we know this is a delicate moment for the chinese giant, who must deal with the effects of the ban, and that is the lack of Google Services on its recent smartphones, including top of the range of the family P40, that are now no more secrets and will be presented on the 26th of march.

For this it is understandable the desire, on a communicative level, to highlight the consistency with which the devices are supported in the course of the years, as did the president of the division, Huawei Consumer Business Software, Wang Cheng Lu, with his post on Weibo (SOURCE).

Among the novelties introduced by the EMUI 10, remember, there are a dark mode finished, icons redrawn, and adaptive, new animations, an interface with a palette of relaxing for the view, based on the works of the painter Giorgio Morandi, the Link technology Turbo for faster browsing on 4G and Wi-Fi, and more.