After having seen how to configure and use the mouse and the trackpad on the iPad Pro, in this guide you will discover how to customize the cursor, and other functions related to the two devices.

magic keyboard trackpad

iPadOS 13.4 provides an experience that is very complete as regards the support to the mouse and the trackpad, also on the level of customization of various features and options.

Control pointer

The most important section for customizing the mouse and trackpad on the iPad is in Settings > Accessibility > mousekeys.

From here you can:

  • Increase contrast: the cursor will become slightly darker, and it will be visible more easily
  • Automatically hide the pointer: here, you can decide after how many seconds of inactivity should the cursor disappear. Default are 2 seconds, but from this screen you can decide to turn off the function (the cursor will always be visible), or decrease/increase the seconds. As soon as you use the mouse or the trackpad, the cursor will automatically appear.
  • Color: from blue to yellow, passing through red and green. You decide the color and the size of the stroke. The frame of the cursor will change color depending on your choices, whereas with the stroke option you can increase or decrease the size of the frame. This is a useful feature to better highlight the cursor.
  • Size pointer: with this option you can increase or decrease the size of the pointer, which by default are set to the minimum. From the middle onwards, the entire cursor will appear as a small dot in the center to help the user to be precise in the selection and use of the same.
  • Animations pointer: this switch is used to enable or disable the animations of the pointer, and its adaptation to the screen element. It is one of the most useful functions of iPadOS 13.4, for this we do not recommend the disabling: the cursor moves at the same time in the operating system, for example, transforming itself in the shape of the key that we have selected. If you disable this entry, the buttons of the operating system are still highlighted with a light background on the back, but the cursor is always visible and does not change shape
  • Scroll speed: here you can import the scroll speed of the cursor


Other customization features are present in Settings > Accessibility > Touch. To take advantage of all the functionality you need to activate the AssistiveTouch. By activating this entry, you will see its icon always active on the screen (you can move it where you prefer). Fortunately, you can disable it (disabling the entry always Shows the menu in Settings > Touch – > Assistive Touch – > pointing Devices) or change the opacity from settings.

Tab AssistiveTouch, you can manage other options related to the mouse and the trackpad at the entry, pointing Devices. Here you will see specific entries depending on the type of the connected device (trackpad or mouse), and you can customize several parameters, such as the mapping of the keys.

By selecting Devices > Name, mouse/trackpad, then you can map individual keys, for example, by setting the middle button to enable/disable the rotation lock, return to the Home, app switcher, take a screenshot , read notifications, and much more. Of course, you can map every single key on the mouse or on the trackpad.

From here, you can also create shortcuts, for example, to launch specific apps by clicking one of the states of the mouse. If you have a mouse with many buttons, the customization options are really interesting.

You’re used to the hot corners on mac os to perform actions and commands by moving the mouse cursor in one of the corners of the screen. The same function is also available on the iPadOS.

Go to Settings > Touch – > Assistive Touch and scroll down to the voice active Corners. Here you will find the four entries for the four corners, then you simply need to select the angle you want, and the option to: go back to Home, open menu, control center, double-tap, instant screen, read the screen, volume + or volume -, Spotilight, active remote control Apple TV, and much more.