Foxconn says that there are enough workers to meet the seasonal demand” of the iPhone 12

The chinese factories of Foxconn will return to full operational capacity after some difficult months caused by the pandemic of COVID-19 in progress.

The company has released a statement on Sunday evening, claiming to have reached their recruitment goals in advance with respect to the program. At the beginning of march, president Young, Liu had stated to investors that the factories were operating with a capacity of 50%.

It is expected that the factories Foxconn will reach peak production in July, when they will produce the line iPhone 12 for the launch of the autumn. The factories have the peer from January to march, resulting in delays and staffing shortages.

The pandemic coronavirus has had a significant impact on the finances of Foxconn, with the partner of the assembly of the iPhone that registered the most significant drop in revenues due to the virus that has affected its production pipeline. The company’s shares are constantly decreasing, because investors fear that COVID-19 to reduce the demand for consumer electronics in the markets of the United States and the United Kingdom.

The company has stressed that is working hard to prevent new infections of COVID-19. Approximately 55,000 workers are subjected to test for coronavirus, with over 40,000 that have received more x-rays of the chest.