Apple shares, a new support document to resolve the problem of the screen distorted on the Mac with Windows 10

Apple has published a new support document which describes in detail the steps to perform to correct a problem where the right side of your Mac’s screen may appear distorted while running Windows 10.

Some Mac models with AMD Radeon graphics card could present a problem where the right side of the screen flashes and becomes distorted when you are running Windows 10. On external displays, this distortion can affect the entire screen.

Alternatively, the program of installation of Windows 10 could say that the Mac cannot install this version of Windows 10 because it has an old graphics driver AMD.

To resolve the problem, Apple encourages users to install graphics driver AMD latest for Windows.

If the driver graphics AMD latest are not yet available, Apple offers a workaround when using an external screen, indicating to the user to reduce the resolution. The company please note that although this step should run on most of the external displays will not work on the Pro Display XDR and on the display screen the LG Ultra 4K and 5K.