Apple is not a company by a thousand billion dollars

While the pandemic coronavirus continues, AAPL is seeing more cali along with the rest of the market. This morning, at the opening of the market, Apple shares were down a further 3%, which has led the company to a valuation of $ 1 trillion dollars. At the time, the value of AAPL is around $ 220.

The current price of the shares in the port , the market capitalization of Apple is about $ 965- $ 975 billion.

Currently, Microsoft is the only american company left that retains its rating of $ 1 trillion.

$MSFT is the last $1T US company

— Seth Weintraub (@llsethj) March 23, 2020

This, of course, is not just a problem faced by Apple. At the opening of the market, we have seen a decline in the technology industry. TheS&P 500 fell at the same value it had in the 2017 president Trump is inducted into office.

BREAKING: S&P 500 has erased all of its gains since President overall look and feel of the s inauguration

— CNBC Now (@CNBCnow) March 23, 2020