Riot Games, the studio under the spotlight for the wildly popular title League Of Legends, lands on the App Store with a new title, but so many faces are so dear to the loyal players of LoL. TFT: during team fights, Tactics is now officially available on iOS.

TFT: during team fights, Tactics is a title that brings on our Apple devices a new autobattler strategic, with characters well-known to the entire fanbase of league of Legends. In the title signed Riot Games petrete deploy and enhance your training of champions in a turn based battle to the last blood. Every force in the field will have a specific task, offensive or defensive, encouraging the player to build maneuvers to attack well-structured to have the better of the enemy.

Each battle will offer you a selection of samples random and this is for sure a positive aspect, that it puts the player in the face of challenge, always new, and a metagame that is always fresh and satisfying; the result of each match will allow you to scale the classical world up to the most prestigious class Challenger. Thanks to cross-platform support, you can also play on other platforms like PC or Mac, a fun 360-degree both at home and on the move.

TFT: during team fights, Tactics requires iOS 9 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac. As has been the practice of the gaming world mobile, the title is available in the form of a free but on the inside you can buy the pass and other contents in the form of in-app purchase in real money. Are you ready to triumph and lead your champions to victory?

TFT: during team fights, Tactics – iOS

TFT: during team fights, Tactics – macOS