Are you ready to be off in the dark and dreary dungeons to discover the secrets hidden inside? On the App Store we present today a new title from the strong component of action that will carry you through a Dungeon more gloomy, to the discovery of their more remti secrets; Soul ARPG is officially available for our Apple devices.

Anima RPG Preview

Soul ARPG conforms as a RPG hack ā€˜nā€™ slash in isometric view, a clear homage to the securities better known as the Diablo , of which this Soul ARPG resumes many connotations to bear on the App Store a new and exciting game that promises a lot of exploration and action.

You will face a fight to the death with the forces of evil in campaign mode the single player where you can create your character and customize it with the crew and many skills to have the better of the foul creatures that you laid on your path, with a level of difficulty scalable that will offer ten levels of difficulty to the joy of all fans of hardcore gaming. Demons. the beasts, the unclean, the dark knights and so much more are just a few of the enemies that you will face in the more than 40 levels available, which will also offer the boss fight lockouts where an adequate strategy will be the only key to success. Then choose carefully your character and its build to reach the target, increasing your level dino to become unstoppable.

Anima RPG Game

Soul ARPG requires iOS 9 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The formula of purchase is the usual freemium, however the title is currently free of advertising and in-app purchases inside will allow you to buy new content for you to enjoy the full experience of the game but the development team has ensured the continued support and the release of many new content. Not available at the moment the Italian language, but given the free nature of the title is a lack of acceptable in virtue of the great quality, brought to light by this title.

Soul RPG ā€“ FREE