iOS 13: Apple acknowledges some problems with the personal hotspot

In an internal document distributed to the Apple authorized service providers this week, the company acknowledged that some users of iOS 13 and/or iPadOS 13 may also encounter issues with the personal hotspot.

Some of these problems include the following:

  • Inability to connect to a personal hotspot enabled
  • Disconnection, repeated by a hotspot
  • The general problems with the performance of the data

As a temporary solution, Apple has recommended to the providers of services to turn off and turn on the personal hotspot. This suggests that it is likely that the fix arrive via a future software update, but it is not clear if the problem has been fixed in iOS 13.4 and the release notes of the version GM do not mention any fix to the hotspot.

Apple recommends that customers keep up-to-date its software and said that this is not a hardware problem.