After a troubled one, marked by allegations of harassment toward a person related to the true story behind this film, The Banker is finally available since yesterday on the platform Apple TV+. The first long-awaited test film Apple on the small screen comes with a film that puts on the plate, a high-profile production and a cast that is typical of the great occasions.

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The film directed by George Nolfi, as well as producer and screenwriter of the same, makes a product that definitely appreciable which once again confirms the goodness of the Apple’s service, always attentive to the quality of their original productions. The Banker tells a true story where the american dream of the 50s is back to be the protagonist of a story that is steeped in prejudice and pain, set in a historical period that is sadly still steeped in the racial prejudice towards the african-american community that the film’s story has repeatedly been told in other productions of great thickness.

That damn american dream

The Banker takes us on a journey into the america of the ’50s in a world, and the business, still the object of strong hatred towards the people african american. In this climate, tainted by the racial prejudice the two entrepreneurs of afro-american origins, Bernard Garrett (Anthony Mackie) and Joe Morris (Samuel L. Jackson), decide to put on the field the lora great skill to acquire several real estate properties. The strong resentment towards blacks leads the two to rely on Matt Steiner (Nicholas Hoult), a dummy, white, for portarare continue its business, and create your own real estate empire. The couple however decides to go a step further by pointing tothe acquisition of a bank for the purpose of facilitating the provision of loans to community america, a strong sign of protest against a system designed to promote at the entrepreneurial level, only the white people. Between complex formulas and algebraic intense negotiations, the pair will turn Matt from figure totally inexperienced in financial matters to business man without scruples, who will be the face of a trio destined to make history not only in financial terms but also in terms of social struggles, a theme that was always very dear to the company from Cupertino.


The narrative is definitely the strong point of the production of Apple, which relies on a incupit the narrative fast-paced but still able to keep the attention of the viewer; this rhythm lends itself sometimes to the side at any moment that could lead the viewer to try a small sense of bewilderment, stunned by the large amount of notions and technicalities typical of the world bank. This feeling is, however, mitigated by a construction of convincing the storyline able to take the hand of the spectator in the most heated moments, helping him always to find the key to the problem, not leaving space to the viewer the most inattentive and careless that might get lost a bit in the road and find the way back with the greatest difficulty. The Banker is certainly not a film for all tastes but is certainly a vision that leaves the right state of satisfaction to the spectator, the most enterprising, who is not content with the monotony of many productions cinematografihe modern.

Not fully convince you, perhaps the lack of emotional charge enclosed in a final that puts more in the second-floor finance to deliver a social battle for equality of rights, a theme that tends to be more appreciate if it is supported by a narration that is capable of involving the spectator in terms of emotionality at the highest levels. Under this aspect, we would have expected greater impact from this work, however, deserves a final judgment all in all positive and establishes a good debut from Apple TV+ also for what concerns the macro category of the film.

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A production by first-class

Apple TV+ has always been well accustomed in the aspect of production and also The Banker retains the enamel is typical of a construction object of a specific planning and construction, who finds himself in the cast and in the screenplay the two key elements that contribute to the success of the overall work. Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson are confirmed, as there is still a need, actors of great thickness is always able to immerse themselves in their respective parts with great mastery of his role, and the right impact needed to tell the great charisma of the two faces that have made the american history for the great determination in reaching their goal with determination and sagacity.

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Once again the photography and the scenery to accompany the vision in a convincing manner, projecting the viewer into the espoca history with great fidelity. The always excellent technical quality of the content targati Apple TV+ back again and again to be one of the aspects most appreciated of the whole work, which, despite the announced reduction of the bitrate to encourage the decongestion of the networks in suffering because of the great traffic these days of crisis from Covid-19, provides it a glance definitely great on TV with technology support Dolby Vision. Support comes also from the soundtrack, to the work of H. Scott Salinas, accurate and always well contestuallizata both for the choice of musical themes, and for the ability to foster the immersion of the viewer in the historical period in the treaty.

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The Banker is, in short, a work that is convincing who knows how to involve the spectator more demanding with the traits typical of a film, ambitious and determined to leave their mark. The film is likely to peel off the ticket to enter the Olympus of the film productions more unforgettable, but it can offer a formula that is solid and of good omen for all future productions badged Apple TV+, once again the forge of the contents of the most high profile technical and construction phases. If however you are looking for the production of a more carefree ,this The Banker may not be the right movie for you, in virtue of the content is not always trivial or easy to understand.

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