StopCovid19: from Lombardy comes the App that allows you to track the infected and their movements

StopCovid19, is a new app Italian, created by Webtek SpA, which seek to limit new infections by coronaviruses. The application converts in real time the phone into a GPS locator can help the authorities to reconstruct the movements and contacts of those who tested positive to the Covid-19.

How does the app work?

StoCovid19, will collect all data related to the movement of all those who use the app, and these data are saved on the server WebTrek and made available to the authorities only when a user is found to be positive.

Once we have identified a new infection, the forces of law and order will be able to use these data to determine the places frequented by the affected person and locate other individuals with whom he has had contact with.

The absolute respect of the privacy

Emanuele Piasini, director of the company, has declared that the privacy of citizens is protected and that only the authorities can access the registered information in case of need. The data collected from the app, in fact, can only be processed for security reasons.

When will the app available?

β€œAt the moment we do not have a specific date, but now missing very little. The app is ready and waiting for approval. We’re just waiting for the Apple Store and the Google Store the to approve and then it will be available to everyone free of charge.” said Piasini.

In China and South Korea for an app of this kind has helped the authorities to limit the contagion. Unlike the app used on the continent of asia, StopCovid19 is more respectful of the privacy. We hope that the idea of the company to Sondrio can be a valid help to stop this epidemic.