Locks smart are modern and easily manageable from a smartphone can make life easier for users. Here are the most interesting and suitable to the various types of doors.

serrature smart

Locks smart: what are they for?

The locks smart are very useful to simplify the access to your home. Think, for example, when you have your hands full and you cannot insert and turn the key in the lock or when you don’t want to carry around too many keys. Through one of these locks, then you can forget about keys, avoid losing them and optimize the time of entry and exit from the house. But not only that: if you have a house that you make available to travellers in the style of the B&B you can easily manage access with this technology.

Locks smart: which one to choose?

Given the delicate nature of this kind of accessory, the council that you should keep in mind is only one: do not try the savings because it is fundamental to purchase and install a product that is reliable and safe. On the other hand we are entrusting the safety of our home to a single product.

And then you need to understand which lock need according to the type of port. Many of the locks work well on locks already fitted, others need a cylinder proper. Keep in mind the possibility of having to call a locksmith for the installation, in the case where it is not possible to go it alone. That’s why we suggest two different alternative to choose from; one of the two does not require any intervention.

Nuki Combo 2.0


The lock Nuki is the best choice for those who do not want to perform invasive interventions on the door of the house and want to have a smart system that is easy to install and remove.

In fact, this solution applies in a few minutes on the lock already existing, provided that it is compatible models, and thanks to the Bridge works both via Bluetooth and via WiFi. The app is made very well and Nuki integrates easily with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT. You can check to see if your lock is compatible directly on the official site, but we anticipate already that almost all of the cylinders of the doors are fully supported; e.g. Profile round swiss, Cylinder, oval, Cylinder, with knob and euro profile Cylinder.

Buy Nuki

Installation is easy: you insert the key in the door, clearly from the inside, and install the lock smart that will act as a motor to move the key in the lock and to close and thus open the door. It is still possible to purchase only the lock, without the Bridge, but in so doing do not have WiFi connectivity.



The motor cylinder ENTR Yale is very valid and appreciated even if it requires a few more steps for fixing. In this case, there are the keys and the lock cylinder goes inside of the product. For more information you can look at the specifications on the official website but according to what it says YALE, the product is ideal for doors of any type.


The lock smart only supports the Bluetooth does not work in the remote and you have to be near the door to get it to trigger. The app is very complete and secure, and supports the sending of access permissions and send on your smartphone.

We specify that in order to use the system, YALE is required to install, together with the motorised lock, the lock cylinder compatible, sold always by YALE.

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As you can see smart locks are a better way to ensure security of your place. This article provides ample information about smart locks and their uses but if you would like to know more about these locks click here.