In these days of emergency due to the pandemic Coronavirus that is rampant now all over the world, we as always urge you to follow the provisions imposed by our government by staying in the house, all without, however, sacrificing some of our habits that can help us to spend more pleasantly in our days between the walls of the home.

A few days ago we proposed the best app for smart working and some of the best games to spend our time in the company of your family. Thanks to our Apple devices, however, can dedicate themselves to a multitude of activities that can help us spend our time at home playing, drawing, remaining in contact (virtual) with our friends , and even doing physical activity; we do not get lost too much in chat and proceed immediately with our recommendations for your days in the house without boredom.

GarageBand: one of the best applications dedicated to all of the musicians but also to all those newcomers to the instrument who want to have fun with a well-thought-out to produce good loops and songs in minutes. The application of Apple provides a lot of loops and tools that will help you unleash your creatitivà. The app is available for free on the App Store.

Houseparty: you feel a bit lonely and want company? This is the app of the moment, perfect to spend a few minutes in the company (virtual) friends. The app notifies you when your friends are in the house and in a few moments you’ll be ready to chat.

Must-haves: an excellent application for all lovers of cinema. Must offers many social features that will help you discover new movies or TV series to watch, sharing the list with your friends enrolled in the service. It is completely free and the graphics definitely well cared for, Must it is definitely one of the best applications available on the App Store for all lovers of Cinema and TV Series.

Swift Playgrounds: learning a programming language has always bored? Thanks to the Swift Playground, you can learn the basics of programming in Swift, and with a method all-new, fun, and definitely useful for a better understanding of the aspects of the coding. The application is only compatible with iPad but it is definitely a very very pleasant for people to learn programming while having fun.

Udemy: education can be one method more valid and fruitful to spend your time within the walls of the house. Udemy today is undoubtedly one of the best online platforms for education, with many courses available to enhance their knowledge in many areas. In this regard can be found in our article devoted a lot of online courses to follow on the e-learning platform. The application is also compatible with Apple TV.

Duolingo: all visitors will surely be struck very deep by this being forced to stay at home. While waiting to resume your travels as the best method to pass the time if you are not learning the language of the next country to visit? Duolingo is definitely the app for you, helping you to improve your knowledge of foreign languages.

Procreate: the designers, the most avid would probably know what we’re talking about but this app is definitely worth a mention, since it is probably one of the best solutions for the design on our devices. Of course, to enjoy it to its fullest potenzzialità you need a device compatible with Apple’s Pencil, the most suitable instrument for all of the features of Procreate. The application has a cost 10,99 € but we are sure that you will not be disappointed.

Migliori App Procreate

adidas Training by Runtastic: physical activity is important and there is nothing better than a bit of exercise for improving your style of life. The application Runtastic can be a valuable coach for your physical activity, indoor, exercises and routines for all levels and designed to improve the physical form that in order to lose a few pounds. The great value? The compatibility with Apple TV, which makes it the perfect place to perform your exercises in the living room in total safety!

Alto’s Adventure & Alto’s Odyssey: two titles definitely essential that can not miss to your collection. The two endless runners signed Snowman are the best to be offered by the App Store, the two titles absolutely brilliant that they know to offer a blend artistic and playful, definitely high-profile. In these days, are available free of charge on the App Store, all the more reason to not lasciarseli escape!

Very Little Nightmares: spin-off of the successful Little Nightmares available on PC and console, Very Little Nightmares is a puzzle game is simply phenomenal, which outweighs the modest amount requested from Bandai Namco for the purchase ( € 7,99 euro). A title that will keep you glued to the screen for its entire duration and that you will be engaged for several hours; before downloading you can also take a look at our full review.