ASUS ROG Phone II receives a version Unofficial of LineageOS 17.1 @BitFeedCo.

At a distance of few days from when theASUS ROG Phone II has received the official update to Android 10, the community of developers passionate about Android modding has released a new version-Unofficial from the LineageOS 17.1 based on the code AOSP your of Android 10.

Remember that LineageOS 17.1 is a ROM based open source the source code for AOSP Android 10. Being an open source project, anyone can download the source code and modify it to your liking.

As a whole, LineageOS 17.1 is the easiest way, especially for those who have old smartphones that are no longer supported by the manufacturers, to have an updated version of Android with only a few customizations.

Download and install LineageOS 17.1 to ASUS ROG Phone II

To install the ROM on your smartphone, you need the bootloader unlocked and a custom recovery such as TWRP. If you have these requirements, the step by step guide to the installation of LineageOS 17.1 can be found below:

  • Make a Nandroid backup in case of any problems (our guide)
  • Download the ROM format .zip and the Google Apps format .zip (optional)
  • Restart your smartphone into recovery mode (power button plus volume up button)
  • Do the wipe of dalvik, cache, data and system
  • Flash first the ROM and then the Google Apps
  • Restart

Remember that the installation of a custom recovery, to say the unlocking of the bootloader (things both are necessary for the installation of a Custom ROM), go to void the legal warranty of the manufacturer.

Before leaving, we also have to remember that LineageOS 17.1 Unofficial is also available for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 (smartphone that will never be updated to Android 10).


ASUS ROG Phone II receives a version Unofficial of LineageOS 17.1 @BitFeedCo.