Also Amazon Prime reduces the quality of the stream to protect the internet

One after the other all the streaming services are adapting to the request of the European Commission to reduce the quality of streaming content on their own platforms to safeguard the network. After Netflix and YouTube comes the turn of Amazon Prime Video which adapts to the request of the commissioner, Thierry Breton, by decreasing the streaming quality for the duration of 30 days.

A spokesman for Amazon Prime Video said:

We support the need for careful management of telecommunications services to ensure that they can manage the growing demand of the Internet, with so many people at home full-time because of Covid-19. The first Video, he collaborates with the local authorities and Internet service providers where necessary to help mitigate any congestion of the network, even in Europe, where we have already begun efforts to reduce the bitrate of streaming while maintaining a streaming experience of quality for our customers.

Surely in the coming days also other streaming services will adjust to this demand by reducing the quality of their services.